Yook Keunbyung

The Sound of Landscape and Drawing for Eye, 1993, 75x54cm, pencil and ink on paper






The Sound of Landscape and Drawing for Eye, 1993, 75x54cm, pencil and ink on paper






Origin and Myths of Fire, 1996 | The Museum of Modern Art, Saitams, Japan






Selected solo exhibitions


2012              Videocracy | Ilmin Museum, Seoul

2009             Fourleaf Clover | Jinju National Museum

2005             Photographs and Video Installation | Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2003             Painting and Drawing | Gallery Q, Tokyo

2000             Audiovisual and Drawing | Cotthem gallery, Knokke, Belgium

1999              Eye Fruits | Donga Media Centre, Seoul

1998              Dream for Survival | Kukje gallery, Seoul

1996              Video Installation and Drawing | Art Front gallery, Tokyo

1994              Recurrent World from Asia | Kirin Plaza, Osaka

1993              Video Installation | Chosun Daily Museum, Seoul

Japan Project |

Ropponki Seishido – vision, Tokyo

Kyobashi K- vision, Tombori station -vision, Osaka

Chitose Airport Maruchi – vision, Sapporo

1992              Video Installation and Drawing | Chosun Hwalang, Seoul

Seoul Art Fair | Chosun Hwalang, Seoul Art Centre

1991               Video Installation | Kumho Museum, Seoul

Project Drawing, Now gallery, Seoul



Selected Group Exhibitions


2009              The Exhibition of Artists in Residency Program | Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan

Identity | Nichido Contemporary Art, Japan

2008              Nam June Paik 365×2 after he left | Hankuk Art Museum, Korea

2007              Traveling Art Museum | National Museum of Art, Korea

2006              Das Kritische Auge <The Critical Eye> | Des Neuen Kunstvereins Aschaffenburg im Kunstlanding, Germany

The art of Passat-ism | Marunouchi & My plaza building, Tokyo

2005              South Man and North Woman | ACFE-Forum Space, Seoul

Pocheon Asian Art Festival, Pocheon Banweoli Art Hall, Pocheon

Plating Light | Museum of Yoon Sel, Gimhae, Korea

Des velar lo invisible video creación contemporánea | Contemporary Art Collection and Pack gallery, Madrid, Spain

2004              You are My Sunshine | Total Museum, Seoul

Declaration-100 Artists for Peace | National Museum of Art, Korea

Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea

Storytelling Media | Art Centre Navi Sktelecom, Seoul

Reality Check | Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art, Daejeon

2003              The Journey of Space | Youngeun Museum, Korea

History and Consciousness | Seoul National University Museum, Seoul

New/Frontier | Daegu Culture and Art Centre, Daegu, Korea

2002              Taking Nine Colors | Youngeun Museum, Korea

The Color of Korea | Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art

BabyProject 2002-2010 |

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan

Gender and Globalism | Aomori Contemporary Arts Center

The color of Korea | Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art, Nagoya. Japan

2001              History and Consciousness, The Dokdo | Seoul National University Museum, Seoul

Digital Dreams, Analogue Desires | The Korea Culture and Arts Foundation Centre, Korea

2000              Slowness of Speed | Art Sunje Centre, Seoul

A Passage for a New Millenium, National Museum of contemporary Art, Korea

Rabbit and Submarine | Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art

Little Narrative Artists in the 80’s small groups

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial | Tokamachi city, Japan

Alienation and Assimilation | Asia Culture Museum, San Francisco. U.S.

1999               21c New Frontier | Gallery Samsung Plaza, Seoul

Diamond Mountain Art of Kumgang from 18th Century to 20th Century in Korean Art | Ilmin Museum, Seoul

A Window Inside Outside | Gwangju City Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea

Slowness of Speed The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Austrailia

1998              Multimedia Art Beyond The New Millenium Smile | 98′ Kyongju World Culture Expo, Korea

In the year of the tiger Contemporary Art from Korea | Hous der Kulturen der welt, Berlin, Germany

1997               Fast Forward | Contemporary Art Gallery at Harbourfront Center, Toronto, Canada

1996              By Night | Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain Paris, France

Origin and Myths of Fire | The Museum of Modern Art, Saitams, Japan

1995               SSACK | Sunje Art Museum, Seoul

Territory of Mind-Korean Art of 1990’s | Art Tower Mito, Japan

HUMAN COLLABORATION ’95 Circulating Currents Japanese and Korean

Contemporary Art | Aichi Arts Centre, Nagoya, Japan

BIENNALE DE LYON | Lyon contemporary art museum, Lyon, France

1994              The Face of Contemporary Art 40 years | Hoam Museum, Korea

SEOUL-Nymax Festival | Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY

Creativity In Asian Art Now | Hiroshima Contemporary art museum, Japan

1993               Expo 93 | Daejeon, Korea

1992               Seoul Art Fair | Chosun Hwalang, Seoul

Documenta 9 | Kassel, Germany

Asia Complex | Solaria Plaza, Japan

1991               A View in The Change of Art | Kumho Museum, Seoul

1990              Prediction of 21st Century Korean Contemporary Art | Total Museum, Seou

Mixed Media | Kumho Museum, Seoul

Eight Individual from East |

Ejuvenation [Seoul-Tokyo-New York] Art Project-Tokyo Program,

Sagacho Exhibit space, Tokyo, .Japan

1989              89 Exhibit of Korean Young Artists | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Berlin international Contemporary Art | City Museum, Berlin, Germany

20 Sao Paulo Biennale | Ibirapuera , Sao paulo , Brazil

1988              Mo-No Exhibition of Moving Now | Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

1987               Exhibition of Seoul, March of 1987 | Seoul Art Centre

1986               Korea-China Contemporary Art | Kyungin Gallery, Seoul

1985               KIS, 85 Kunsan International Show, Arts Centre, Seoul

1984               JOAN MIRO international Drawing | Barcelona, Spain

The Contemporary Art invited Exhibit of korea | Today Gallery, Taipei

1983               9th Contemporary Art Festival, Art Centre, Seoul

1982              Work on Paper | Kwanhun gallery, Seoul

TA-RA Group Show | Kwanhun gallery, Seoul

1981               E. FU Group | Fine Art Centre, Seoul

1980              Independents | National Museum of Art, Seoul

Donga Art Grand-Prix Exhibition | National Museum of Art, Seoul

1979               Korea National Art Exhibition | National Museum of Art, Seoul



Selected collections


National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Seoul

Jinju National Museum, Jinju, Korea

Sunje Museum, Seoul

Kumamoto Contemporary Museum of Arts, Japan

Aichi Contemporary Art Museum, Japan

Minamiyama Art Project, Tokyo

Trade Centre, Seoul



1983              MFA, Kyunghee University

1981               BFA, Kyunghee University

1957               Born in Korea