Bang Jeongah


Also 15000won, It’s Good. 2006, 72.7×90.9cm. acrylic on canvas






Your Dry Attractiveness, 2007, 130.3×162.2cm, acrylic on canvas






Registration, 2011, 145.5×112.1cm, acrylic on canvas







Selected solo exhibitions


2012              Chosun Hwalang, Seoul

2009             Strait Line River | Royal Gallery, Seoul, Dongwon gallery, Daegu

2008             The World |  Alternative Artspace Pool, Seoul

2007              Your Attraction | Jebiwool Museum, Kwacheon

2003              3th Award for Young Artist of Busan | Gongkan gallery, Busan

2002              Daegu MBC, Gallery M, Daegu

2001               Democracy Park Gallery, Busan

1999               Kunho Museum, Seoul

1996               KEPCO Plaza gallery, Seoul



Selected group exhibitions


2012              Face to Face |  Kims Artfield Museum, Busan

2010              A monumental Tour | Coreana Museum, Seoul

Light 2010 | Gwangju Metropolitan Museum, Gwangju

Making You Laugh | Daejeon Metropolitan Museum, Daejeon

2009              Realism of Contemporary Art | Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon

Blue Dot Asia |  Art Center, Seoul

2008              Art Toward Society: Realism in Korean Art 1945-2005 |

Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

The Nigata Bandaijima Art Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, 

Miyakonojo City  Museum of Art, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City, 

Fuchu Art Museum

Daily Life in Korea | Queen’s galley, Thailand

Eonni’s Back | Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

Mirror, Mirror-People’s Story of Paintings | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2007              Pop on Web | Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

Documenta Busan III | Busan Museum of Modern Art

Sweet Life | Yongdusan Museum, Busan

2006              Living Furniture | Busan Biennale, Sea Art Festival

Asia Art Now | Alternative Artspace Loop, Ssamzie Space, Arario Beijing

2005              Light and Fire | Gaya International Festival of Culture, Kimhae

2004              Realing | Savina Museum, Seoul

2003              Art of Daily Life | Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art

2002              The Light 2002 | Gwangju Metropolitan Museum of Art

2001              A Field: Go Across | Sunggok Museum, Seoul

Family | Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art

2000             After Figuration Art-Figuration, People, Everyday Life | Busan Metropolitan Museum of Art

Everyday Life, Life and Art | Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art

Expression of The Times-Eyes and Hands | Art Centre, Seoul

1998               JALLA |Tokyo Museum, Tokyo

1995               A Moving Museum 1995 | National Museum of Art Project

Painting and Collection | Kumho Museum, Seoul

The 50th Anniversary of Liberation- Where Are We | Art Centre, Seoul

1994               The 15th Anniversary of People’s Art | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea



Selected collections


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan

Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art , Daejeon

Gaejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art , Daejeon



2009              MFA, Dongseo University, School of Visual Art and Design

1991                BFA, Hongik University

1968               Born in Busan, Korea